How do holistic practitioners integrate mind, body, and soul into their business?

It's all about balance

Mind: Holistic health is known for combining the traditional use of facts, figures and intellect and incorporating all elements of life into the entirety of the process - Holistic real estate does the same thing. We set out first and foremost to ensure we find the right location for you, your family and your lifestyle requirements, we perform a comparative marketing analysis on the property and due diligence, keep you informed on legalities, and we encourage the buyer’s family to spend time getting to know the location. “We are making the most of our mind’s potential by coupling the wisdom of our body and acknowledging the unknown - the spirit or soul".

Body: Working together, you will already have an understanding for property prices according to region. It's always good to connect into the heart when making big decisions, so when thinking of making an offer we have to ensure it feels right, or is there a tightening in the chest from stress? “Something may exist in our mind, but it might take just a minute to ask what your body thinks of it. Our bodies know. This is a journey we take together - it's about long-term relationships."

Soul: Holistic real estate is about making the whole experience a more joyful, insightful, inspirational and less stressful process. Wonderment, enjoyment and humour are keys to health and happiness in life, and a priority to us on this journey — so we work towards making the process as enjoyable and as stress-free for clients as possible. Some kind of faith is also essential to making an holistic approach work—even if it’s just faith in the statistics. Things often work out unexpectedly outside of our own control.

For those who would like even more guidance, we can draw upon experts in Feng Shui or even a Business Intuitive to help bring extra comfort, peace and well-being to the whole family.

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