Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

As a busy person with many commitments including business, family and leisure time to juggle, you need to ask yourself “how much is my time worth?” when considering buying a property.

Where do you start and who can you trust? As an example, "My friend recommended Port Andratx, I can see many different agents promoting the same properties - so where do I start and how do I know it's the right location for me and my family?"

That's where I come in....

That's where I come in as your exclusive Buyer's Agent. I will take the time to get to know your tastes and requirements, ensuring that we cover all the best locations for your needs and the best houses to meet your criteria. This also saves you having to connect with a multitude of agents often trying to sell you the same property or promoting their specific region.

It's invaluable to have a person you can trust, with the knowledge and expertise to cut through all the red tape and provide you with a seamless service and unbiased information; a Buyer's Agent who works for you, offering 'round the clock assistance, with only your interests at heart.

Let me be your guide

Your exclusive Buyer’s Agent

  • One person, one point of contact, linking you to an entire island-wide network of agents, properties and industry professionals.
  • An holistic approach - service oriented, representing YOU and your interests only
  • 18 years of experience covering the whole Island
  • Completely independent, unbiased advice
  • Saving time, stress and money - at no extra cost to you
  • Your completely personalised “Property Concierge” leading you through a smooth, stress-free and enjoyable property purchase

Other BENEFITS include

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